Expect Grace

I have been struggling with how hard every day seems. It feels like the older I get, the worse it gets. I can do less and less but feel that I need to do more and more! I get so down and disgusted with my failures and inability to keep up with what I think […]

Chores – The Secret to Success?

To do or not to do…..chores. That is the question. It’s hard in this busy day and age to do it all. Can I get an “amen”?! We have always been a chore oriented family through necessity. I just couldn’t do it all. Decision made. The end. But on some levels I did have some […]

Creative Writing Prompts to Challenge Writers!

Do you have problems coming up with creative writing ideas and prompts? It can be difficult to find just the right ideas for creative writing, esp. if you have a hesitant writer. Here are some creative writing prompts that I came up with today – great for homeschools. These ideas will maybe challenge, but they […]

Upcoming changes

Hi guys! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be reworking this blog and placing all of my different work in the same place, all under one umbrella, if you will. I have some new and renewed ventures that I am exploring and hope to share some fun stuff with […]

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

A friend mentioned growing up and the 70’s and music and Barry Manilow and I Write the Songs. I don’t care how old it makes me feel. I probably know that whole album by heart. I also really really loved The Carpenters. But one song that really takes me to a special place is Someone […]

Just for POST-erity…

I just read this on FB and wanted to post it here for posterity…get it? Post-posterity? Hehe anyway, it’s so beauty-full and a great mini-exposition on irresistible grace. And I keep seeing more puns….post, posterity, irresistible grace vs. robot resistors…. Monergism Books Comment: Irresistible grace makes men into a ROBOTS Response: I never heard the […]

How should moms, then, live?

An interesting article here about a kerfluffle of moms taking offense that someone spoke out about her own life. How dare she?! It seems as if we dare not be excited or authoritative about our own lives, our own decisions, without fearing someone, or many, will take offense. I think we have two issues going […]

Invisible, do you ever feel invisible?

I was blessed by this song in the car on my way home and wanted to share. It bounced around in my head and touched on some ideas that I wanted to gather together in one place for myself. I hope you will be blessed by it, as well.   “That was my heart and […]

A fine tapestry

Expounding upon other thoughts about gratefulness and being content, I just had one of those pull back and see the huge picture moments. You know, day to day life is filled with so many details, so may feelings, good and bad, so many experiences, so many desires, so many failings, that it is very easy […]

A little bit of rain

I have been struggling for my whole life with schedules and self discipline and I have been trying lately to be more steady in several things, including studying God’s word and prayer. I do it, but not nearly enough. I really believe it’s best to start the day this way, but most days I am […]