Hi Ya! You found me.

Here I am. Writing a new bio. The old one was stale and musty so I figured I shouldn’t hang it up an my new home. It was even too shabby for me! (IS there such a thing as “too shabby”? We’ll have to figure that out!)

In case we have just met, I am the Dianne Rigdon in Dianne Rigdon Design and this is my new website. Well, the domain is old, but the purpose and design are new, so it counts, right?

But, why?

When I started building the new site, I was just mainly looking at building a portfolio or business card-type site to point to my designs, currently on Etsy. But then I remembered how much I like people…and chatting…especially with grown ups…creative, friendly ones are a plus! And I thought about all the stuff that I care about and how I enjoy sharing and encouraging, and so I thought I’d just smush it all together like a mixed media work of art and say TA-DA! You can read my mission statement here – I promise, it’s worth the trip!

So what do you care about, anyway?

I have made a lot of mistakes. And had some dark days. Even more important, I have benefitted from the kindness of others through encouragement, and sharing of information and knowledge and I aspire to be that kind of person, too. By the way, I am not perfect and I am also not an authority on anything besides goofing things up so don’t get your hopes up TOO high. I just hope to be an encouragement to some, a help to others, & a source of a good chuckle to a few more.

Some of the subjects I am passionate about will seem incongruous and some just downright silly. That’s ok. At 50, I am ok with being unique – mostly because being a part of the crowd is to too darn much work. Most important are faith and family, and so I will talk about being a Christian, a wife, a mom, a homeschooler. Very close after that, I am a dog lover. I have three of them and they are my babies and it’s like having three furry toddlers running a muck every day. I am also a creative, a lover of things fun and pretty which also tends to mean I am disorganized, messy, and forgetful. You have to take the good with the bad, I suppose! I also live with RA and so I’ll occasionally talk about issues surrounding that and general health. Finally, I am a great idea person, a serious new project addict, and I need new glasses. So I have all my browser pages magnified to 125% because I don’t want to spend money on glasses. And round we go.

Oh I almost forgot!

Obviously, I’ll be sharing creative ideas and concepts and project ideas. I’ll also be hosting some of my products for sale here, and freebies, and resources and tutorials for smart blogging, WordPress, Photoshop, and who knows what else. So if you want to subscribe to the site’s rss feed, use that subscribe button at the tippy top of the page, to the right. Just under that are links to all my social profiles, if you’d rather follow me there. Last but not least, feel free to use the Contact page to drop me a line. About anything. Seriously. OK well ALMOST anything. Let’s keep it G-rated, ok?

Finally, I like…

Sparkly things, good friends, laughing, coffee, birds, waterfalls, sunsets, & long walks on the beach….hehehehe well maybe not the long part.


I just want to say “Thanks and I love you” to my husband who puts up with me on a daily basis. It can’t be easy all the time but we do have our share of laughter.

1235477_10153210938820352_1544275463_nAs well, I have a couple of very special circle friends that I love who have begun to teach me what being a friend really means. They pray for me, encourage me, and put up with my silliness, and we really do have the best of times when we get together. This is us (One to take the picture and two to strike a fancy pose lol):