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It feels like slow progress, mainly because I have been sitting in this chair pretty much non-stop for three days, but really three days isn’t very long for putting up a nice website. I love Studio Press for that. I am no longer an affiliate but I highly recommend Genesis Framework + a child theme. Once you own the framework, the child theme prices are all discounted and it’s so much easier and quicker to get a site up and running. Unless you are tweaky like me. Then it takes a little longer lol. Anyway, they have a neat dashboard now for members called My Studio Press and it has all the download info in one place as well as the nicely crafted helpfiles which make setting up your blog just like the demo blog very easy. I can’t recommend it enough. Best money I have invested probably ever in regard to my design business because quick site set up leaves me more time for design. So yeah. Get it! :D

Anyway I like my new header. I really wanted to go low key and low color so as to not overwhelm my product posts but, well, I just couldn’t stop myself. I guess it wouldn’t be my site if it wasn’t a little retro and a little flashy lol. Looks like I am ready to start loading it up with content. I already saved my first draft post yesterday and I have a lot of great ideas for content. I am actually very excited to get started on that which lets me know I am on to something good. Usually, the excitement wears off around the time the webdesign is finished! LOL. OK now you know wayyyy too much about me.


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    Yup! I love the genesis framework – it is the easiest and most versatile framework yet. I can very easily create custom portfolio pages by adding custom post types and it requires no php! Love.. I second your blurb! Best investment for the business woman and blogger!

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      Dianne says

      I know, right?! I think you are light years ahead of me, though, Jaimee, but I am getting there! :D I feel bad – I also should have recommended this template, too. Modern Blogger Pro by Pretty Darn Cute Design ( is AWESOME. A lot of what makes the site looks good was already done for me. AND how cool is that domain name?! Argh.

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