The very first one

This is it! My very first post on my newly set up blog. I still have a ton more to do with it, but it is helpful to actually have some posts in order to fix it up and make it all purdy n stuff. So yeah. There you go.

Funny story. So I have been working on this blog pretty heavily this morning, off and on. I made my lunch and was going to work on it as I ate a sandwich. But then I realized I had to go to the bathroom, so I put my plate up on some filing next to my monitor so the puppy wouldn’t get it. I hoped. When I came back, my sandwich was still there, so I felt pretty proud of myself and my puppy. Until I looked at the monitor. The text field that was highlighted said “llllll;kj;sdljfjkl;jlkl;kl;kl;lllllllllllll”. So yeah. At least one stretchy fur critter TRIED to get my sandwich. Crisis averted. All I can say is that it is a good thing I went potty BEFORE I saw the funny little message. ;)

(Just testing this post with different pictures. Ignore the tilt-shift bear!)


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      Dianne says

      Thank you Miss Em. You know I did it because I had actual work to do, right? When you are stressed about something, starting a brand new project is the answer, right?!?!?! Haha we are sisters in project addiction! :D Thanks for stopping by!

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